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      Lauren & Blake

        Sainte Terre

Watching this I feel like I can relive the day 100 times! My pup, Lunie, always gives me kisses when I cry but she doesn't understand how happy these tears are! ☺️ I feel like life is complete! I've waited and prayed for my match and Blake is certainly my puzzle piece! The day was tailored to us and our style with the casual laid back feel! My dad built the arch with his hands that we married under and that will always mean a great deal to me. My pawpaw who was ordained in the state of Louisiana just for our ceremony was the biggest, most heart melting deal of the whole thing. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma just 8 months prior to our wedding date. I feel like he looked forward to this and it gave him even more reason to fight HARD to OVERCOME and that is just what he did! So with tears in his eyes and some cracking in his voice he got to officiate just as we had planned all along. My family, Blakes family, and all our friends sat and planned, talked, hoped, and prayed for a perfection that would only be a sliver of the true perfection it was! Thank you Jesus! So on a beautiful, warm, sunny Louisiana day Blake and I said I do! I hope y'all love it as much as we do!

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