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Julia and James  |  Saint Mark's Cathedral  |  East Ridge Country Club

Hair and Makeup  |  Couture Make-Up Bar and Salon  |  Kayce Best and 

Lindsay Montgomery

Flowers  |  The Colony House  |  Kyle Loyd

Band |  The DMP Band  |  Memphis. Tn.

Transportation  |  iShuttle

Caterer and Venue  |  East Ridge Country Club

Cakes  |  Sweetie Cakes  | Jeanne Hine

Photographer  |  Brian Lewis

Bride's Dress  |  Paloma Blanca  |  Mockingbird Bridal  |  Dallas, Tx.

Bridesmaid's Dress  |  Jenny Yoo  |  Bella Bridesmaids

Tuxedos  |  Tuxedos to Geaux  |  New Orleans

Live Artist  |  Sarah Ann Dickson

Late Night Snack  |  Johnny's Pizza

Officiants  |  Rev. Alston Boyd Johnson

      |  Rev. David Seth Donald


Music Licensed by MusicBed

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