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Natasha and Philip  |  Sainte Terre  |  Benton, La.


Venue  |  Sainte Terre

Church  |  Saint Jude Catholic Church  |  Benton, Louisiana

Photographer  |  Christi Martin Photography

Cakes  |  Sweetie Cakes  |  Jeanne Hine

Brides Dress  |  Azarues

Bridesmaids Dresses  |  David's Bridal

Men's Attire  |  Men's Wearhouse

Food  |  Sainte Terre

Flowers  |  Sainte Terre

Dancers  |  Nonosina

Hair  |  Shear Happiness  |  Melissa Morris

Make Up  |  Couture Make Up Bar and Salon  |  Brittney Hebert

DJ  |  Jay Whatley


Music Licensed with MusicBed


#braniffproductions #sainteterrewedding #weddingvideographer

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